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Added extended info about which Geode driver covers what Geode variant in README.

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Cyric Geode graphics driver for X.Org
README last updated: 2009-08-04
xf86-video-cyrix -- Cyric Geode graphics driver for
README last updated: 2009-09-09
GIT repository:
......@@ -19,6 +19,22 @@ after which xf86-video-cyrix and xf86-video-nsc will be retired. Please
contact the Geode mailing list (see subscription instructions on
the project homepage) if you can contribute towards reaching this goal.
Until then, the current situation for Geode coverage is as follow:
* AMD Geode LX (a.k.a. GX3) PCI ID 0x1022:0x2081
* AMD Geode GX (a.k.a. GX2) PCI ID 0x100B:0x0030
* NSC Geode GX (a.k.a. GX2) PCI ID 0x100B:0x0030
* NSC Geode SC (a.k.a. GX1) PCI ID 0x100B:0x0504
* Cyrix Geode (a.k.a. GX1) PCI ID 0x1078:0x0104
Please note that both NSC and GEODE support GX2. This is indeed correct.
However, only GEODE has up-to-date code, while NSC is deprecated.
= FAQ =
Q: How do I produce useful information whenever submiting a bug report?
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