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Commit f99604d3 authored by Dave Barnish's avatar Dave Barnish

Implemented crtc dpms handling via drmmode_crtc_dpms()

Change-Id: I8fd0ab095aec0599368ecb3a26832fdc3b2568f9
parent c0b91e2d
......@@ -107,6 +107,7 @@ struct drmmode_output_priv {
static void drmmode_output_dpms(xf86OutputPtr output, int mode);
static Bool resize_scanout_bo(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, int width, int height);
static Bool drmmode_set_mode_major(xf86CrtcPtr crtc, DisplayModePtr mode, Rotation rotation, int x, int y);
static struct drmmode_rec *
drmmode_from_scrn(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn)
......@@ -179,9 +180,42 @@ drmmode_ConvertToKMode(ScrnInfoPtr pScrn, drmModeModeInfo *kmode,
static void
drmmode_crtc_dpms(xf86CrtcPtr drmmode_crtc, int mode)
drmmode_crtc_dpms(xf86CrtcPtr crtc, int mode)
/* TODO: MIDEGL-1431: Implement this function */
struct drmmode_crtc_private_rec *drmmode_crtc = crtc->driver_private;
struct drmmode_rec *drmmode = drmmode_crtc->drmmode;
ScrnInfoPtr pScrn = crtc->scrn;
DEBUG_MSG("Setting dpms mode %d on crtc %d", mode, drmmode_crtc->crtc_id);
switch (mode) {
case DPMSModeOn:
drmmode_set_mode_major(crtc, &crtc->mode, crtc->rotation, crtc->x, crtc->y);
/* unimplemented modes fall through to the next lowest mode */
case DPMSModeStandby:
case DPMSModeSuspend:
case DPMSModeOff:
if (drmModeSetCrtc(drmmode->fd, drmmode_crtc->crtc_id, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, NULL)) {
ERROR_MSG("drm failed to disable crtc %d", drmmode_crtc->crtc_id);
} else {
int i;
xf86CrtcConfigPtr xf86_config = XF86_CRTC_CONFIG_PTR(pScrn);
/* set dpms off for all outputs for this crtc */
for (i = 0; i < xf86_config->num_output; i++) {
xf86OutputPtr output = xf86_config->output[i];
if (output->crtc != crtc)
drmmode_output_dpms(output, mode);
ERROR_MSG("bad dpms mode %d for crtc %d", mode, drmmode_crtc->crtc_id);
static int
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