Commit 8ca85138 authored by Marico Xu's avatar Marico Xu

Fix the 64 bit build error

"%p" should be used to indicate the point value instead of "%x"

Change-Id: Id7cd867193805381412835f9b6ac48564fa6b1a9
parent 03cfb069
......@@ -247,8 +247,8 @@ static Bool create_buffer(DrawablePtr pDraw, struct ARMSOCDRI2BufferRec *buf)
else if (FALSE == DRI2SwapLimit(pDraw, pARMSOC->swap_chain_size)) {
"Failed to set DRI2SwapLimit(%x,%d)",
(unsigned int)pDraw, pARMSOC->swap_chain_size);
"Failed to set DRI2SwapLimit(%p,%d)",
pDraw, pARMSOC->swap_chain_size);
#endif /* DRI2INFOREC_VERSION >= 6 */
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