Commit 3ec703cd authored by Ray Smith's avatar Ray Smith

Clarify assumptions on window front buffer pixmaps

We assume that a window's front buffer pixmap won't be reallocated
from beneath us. This commit updates a comment to reflect this

Change-Id: Ic1ddc508dee8b1696643dd418ddb466fbce9d8fb
parent e27cc5c6
......@@ -48,9 +48,8 @@ struct ARMSOCDRI2BufferRec {
* Pixmap(s) that are backing the buffer
* NOTE: don't track the pixmap ptr for the front buffer if it is
* a window.. this could get reallocated from beneath us, so we should
* always use draw2pix to be sure to have the correct one
* We assume that a window's front buffer pixmap is never reallocated,
* and therefore that it is safe to use the pointer to it stored here.
PixmapPtr *pPixmaps;
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