Commit 0abde2d6 authored by Dave Barnish's avatar Dave Barnish

Removed bad assert

In ModifyPixmapHeader we were asserting that a scratch pixmap's bo
does not have a dmabuf. We neglected to check whether the scratch
pixmap has a bo. If it doesn't this assert caused a segfault.

Change-Id: I9f2eee88f69e9d7c20a3506e618b3eadce716c2a
parent bbb82b80
......@@ -173,11 +173,7 @@ ARMSOCModifyPixmapHeader(PixmapPtr pPixmap, int width, int height,
if (pPixData && pPixData != armsoc_bo_map(pARMSOC->scanout)) {
/* scratch-pixmap (see GetScratchPixmapHeader()) gets recycled,
* so could have a previous bo!
/* scratch pixmap should not have a dmabuf */
/* Pixmap drops ref on its old bo */
* Pixmap drops ref on its old bo */
priv->bo = NULL;
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