Commit 0594f7b6 authored by Sunny's avatar Sunny

Replace two asserts with warning message

With some high frame rate benchmarks which disable swap interval, SwapBuffers
may be called before swap complete event arrives.

Change-Id: I4dbb027fa5027858e3134712d5d02f28688ac366
parent 9702414f
......@@ -688,7 +688,8 @@ ARMSOCDRI2SwapComplete(struct ARMSOCDRISwapCmd *cmd)
/* Free the swap cmd and remove it from the swap chain. */
idx = cmd->swap_id % pARMSOC->swap_chain_size;
assert(pARMSOC->swap_chain[idx] == cmd);
if (pARMSOC->swap_chain[idx] != cmd)
WARNING_MSG("Flip isn't in order\n");
pARMSOC->swap_chain[idx] = NULL;
......@@ -816,7 +817,8 @@ ARMSOCDRI2ScheduleSwap(ClientPtr client, DrawablePtr pDraw,
/* Add swap operation to the swap chain */
cmd->swap_id = pARMSOC->swap_chain_count++;
idx = cmd->swap_id % pARMSOC->swap_chain_size;
assert(NULL == pARMSOC->swap_chain[idx]);
if (NULL != pARMSOC->swap_chain[idx])
WARNING_MSG("Flip is called too fast\n");
pARMSOC->swap_chain[idx] = cmd;
/* TODO: MIDEGL-1461: Handle rollback if multiple CRTC flip is
* only partially successful
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