Commit df9368ba authored by Peter Osterlund's avatar Peter Osterlund

Changed version to 0.12.4.

parent 77c0402d
LOCAL_X = Xincludes/usr/X11R6
0.12.4 (2004-02-10)
- Changed suggested default values in the INSTALL file, to get more
reasonable speed settings and edge parameters.
- Include time in the "synclient -m" output.
- Handle touchpads with a scroll region on the right side where very
large X coordinates (typically 8176=0x1ff0) are reported.
- Added more models to the compatibility list.
- Updated the documentation.
- Added support for circular scrolling. From Alexei Gilchrist.
- Removed the saved_touchpad_off variable in syndaemon. It's more
robust to just not disable the touchpad if it already is disabled.
- Added manpages for synclient and syndaemon. Contributed by Mattia
- Added uninstall target to the Makefile. From Paul Bender.
- Automatically build using the 4.3 SDK if available. Patch from Paul
- Removed unnecessary local X include files that are available in the
XFree86-devel package. Patch from Paul Bender.
- Added a "distribution" target to the Makefile.
- Added an RPM .spec file. From Giorgio Bellussi.
0.12.3 (2004-01-11)
- Added more models to the compatibility list.
- Updated the documentation.
.TH "synclient" "1" "0.12.3" "" ""
.TH "synclient" "1" "0.12.4" "" ""
synclient \- query and modify Synaptics TouchPad driver for XFree86 server parameters on the fly.
.TH "syndaemon" "1" "0.12.3" "" ""
.TH "syndaemon" "1" "0.12.4" "" ""
syndaemon \- a program that monitors keyboard activity and disables the touchpad when the keyboard is being used.
Summary: The Synaptics touchpad X driver
Name: synaptics
Version: 0.12.3
Version: 0.12.4
Release: 1
License: GPL
Group: User Interface/X
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