Commit c0113a86 authored by Peter Osterlund's avatar Peter Osterlund

Changed version to 0.12.1.

parent ed43dd7a
0.12.1 (2003-11-14)
- Added more models to the compatibility list.
- Updated the documentation.
- Added "syndaemon", a program that monitors keyboard activity and
disables the touchpad when the keyboard is being used.
- Some code cleanup.
- Made the packet checking code less strict, so that the driver works
also for touchpads that don't strictly follow the synaptics absolute
protocol. Problem reported by Anders Kaseorg using a PowerPro C 3:16
- Rediffed the alps patch for kernel 2.6.0-test9-bk16.
- Removed compatibility code for old (<test6) 2.6 kernels.
- No longer support installation from a precompiled binary. It should
be possible for everyone to compile from source.
0.12.0 (2003-10-26)
- Initial support for ALPS touchpads.
- Implemented "locked drags" after a suggestion from Karl Kashofer.
......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ typedef enum {
#define DEV_INPUT_EVENT "/dev/input"
#define EVENT_DEV_NAME "event"
#define VERSION "0.12.0"
#define VERSION "0.12.1"
* Forward declaration
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