Commit 86adad50 authored by Peter Osterlund's avatar Peter Osterlund

Changed version to 0.11.5.

parent a37a1239
0.11.5 (2003-09-25)
- Use the EVIOCGID ioctl for synaptics event device auto detection.
This is much simpler than parsing /proc/bus/input/devices and more
robust too.
- Added support for the new 2.6 kernel events ABS_TOOL_WIDTH,
that this swaps the direction of the Y axis internally to match X
and the linux input subsystem. Because of this, the TopEdge and
BottomEdge parameters must be modified in the config file. There is
some backwards compatibility code for old 2.5/2.6 kernels that will
probably be deleted later.
0.11.4 (2003-09-22)
- Reset the touchpad if it has been out of sync for too long. (By
Hartwig Felger, cleaned up somewhat by me.) The synaptics manual
......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ typedef enum {
#define DEV_INPUT_EVENT "/dev/input"
#define EVENT_DEV_NAME "event"
#define VERSION "0.11.4"
#define VERSION "0.11.5"
* Forward declaration
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