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Changed version to 0.13.3.

parent a27efd8f
# Define the TOP variable to build using include files from a local source tree.
#TOP = /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/XFree86-4.3.0/xc
0.13.3 (2004-06-13)
- Added support for Synaptics cPad devices. (Also requires a 2.6
kernel patch.) From Jan Steinhoff.
- Bug fix for touchpads with a middle mouse button.
- Fixed handling of the repeater device.
- Fixed compiler warnings when using the xorg sdk include files.
- Added two parameters:
* MaxDoubleTapTime makes it easier to do fast double clicks.
* ClickTime adds a delay between the button down and button up
events generated in response to a tap event.
- Updated the alps patch for kernel 2.6.7-rc3.
- Added -V option to synclient to display the version number.
- Updated the compatibility list.
0.13.2 (2004-05-09)
- Fixed middle mouse button emulation, which broke in the 0.13.0
.TH "synclient" "1" "0.13.2" "" ""
.TH "synclient" "1" "0.13.3" "" ""
synclient \- query and modify Synaptics TouchPad driver for XFree86 server parameters on the fly.
.TH "syndaemon" "1" "0.13.2" "" ""
.TH "syndaemon" "1" "0.13.3" "" ""
syndaemon \- a program that monitors keyboard activity and disables the touchpad when the keyboard is being used.
Summary: The Synaptics touchpad X driver
Name: synaptics
Version: 0.13.2
Version: 0.13.3
Release: 1
License: GPL
Group: User Interface/X
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