1. 06 Jun, 2008 2 commits
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      Initial version that passes "make distcheck". · 7761e390
      Christoph Brill authored
      This version is able to build against latest xorg git (including xinput
      changes for MPX). It incoperates many concepts stolen from xf86-input-evdev.
      I'm not sure about *BSD support, but from what I understood psmcomm is only
      used on *BSD whild eventcomm is only used on Linux. So I enabled the build
      of these only on the given operating system. Also fix some minor issues that
      are related to the old build system (VERSION_ID related).
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      Start reorganizing the source tree · 86a5fab7
      Christoph Brill authored
      First let's move the source and header files to a seperate source directory.
      The structure of the new directory layout will be similar to xf86-input-evdev.
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