Commit e72e1c10 authored by Peter Osterlund's avatar Peter Osterlund
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Corrected compatibility list entry.

parent 154a34d5
Acer 661 LCi
Acer 8104 WLMi
Acer Aspire 1353LC
Acer Aspire 1353XC
Acer Aspire 1511 LMi
......@@ -37,6 +36,7 @@ Acer TravelMate 630
Acer TravelMate 634LCi
Acer TravelMate 739TL
Acer TravelMate 800LCI
Acer TravelMate 8104 WLMi
Airis Diamond 630
Airis Pragma 750
Aopen Openbook 1545/1545D
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