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    Revert "build: collapse all Makefile.am files into a single non-recursive one." · cb6818b6
    Gaetan Nadon authored
    This reverts commit 39afe69a.
    1. For such a small module, the build time improvement is most likely
    negligible. At least, I'd like to see some timings proving it's
    worthiness before seeing the patch go back in.
    2. This kind of change would need a thorough review. The need to
    operate the build from a single toplevel Makefile is a significant
    change. The two most noticeable issues for me are that collapsing all
    the Makefiles could easily cause namespacing issues with the
    variables, and operating on files outside the current directory can
    introduce subtle bugs. I feel that the non-recursive style is
    generally less robust than the standard recursive make scheme.
    3. It's unlike all the other X.org modules. This isn't a showstopper
    for me, but the recursive style is well understood here and you've
    beaten all the modules into a consistent format that makes build bugs
    unique to specific modules less ...
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