Commit d08c4278 authored by Peter Hutterer's avatar Peter Hutterer

test-xi2: group event selection down

No real functional changes, just group the two selection requests together.
Signed-off-by: Peter Hutterer's avatarPeter Hutterer <>
parent cac73b0c
......@@ -363,9 +363,6 @@ test_xi2(Display *display,
if (m->deviceid == XIAllDevices)
XISetMask(m->mask, XI_HierarchyChanged);
XISetMask(m->mask, XI_PropertyEvent);
XISelectEvents(display, win, m, 1);
XMapWindow(display, win);
XSync(display, False);
m = &mask[1];
m->deviceid = (deviceid == -1) ? XIAllMasterDevices : deviceid;
......@@ -381,7 +378,11 @@ test_xi2(Display *display,
XISetMask(m->mask, XI_RawTouchUpdate);
XISetMask(m->mask, XI_RawTouchEnd);
XISelectEvents(display, DefaultRootWindow(display), m, 1);
XISelectEvents(display, win, &mask[0], 1);
XISelectEvents(display, DefaultRootWindow(display), &mask[1], 1);
XMapWindow(display, win);
XSync(display, False);
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