Commit 86aacb94 authored by Egbert Eich's avatar Egbert Eich
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13. fixed gtf + man pages (Xserver name and config file name configurable

    in Imake config files) (Egbert Eich).
12. Fixed xinit/startx man pages (server name and config file configurable)
    (Egbert Eich).
11. Fixed fontstosfnt (project and support address configurable) (Egbert
10. Fixed pswrap (relaced XFree86 with X11) (Egbert Eich).
9. fixed rman (added Xorg as system name) (Egbert Eich).
8. Fixed mkhtml (Egbert Eich).
7. Fixed default keyboard rules file in servers and setxkb (configurable)
    (Egbert Eich).
6. Fixed XawVendor (configurable) (Egbert Eich).
parent 514a6cc6
/* $XdotOrg: xc/programs/setxkbmap/setxkbmap.c,v 3.7 2003/01/20 04:15:08 dawes Exp $ */
Copyright (c) 1996 by Silicon Graphics Computer Systems, Inc.
......@@ -49,7 +50,7 @@
#define DFLT_XKB_CONFIG_ROOT "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb"
#define DFLT_XKB_RULES_FILE "xfree86"
#define DFLT_XKB_LAYOUT "us"
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