Commit 290c32fb authored by Alan Coopersmith's avatar Alan Coopersmith

Remove check for zlib in configure script

If libfontenc needs it, it will either be linked with it or
provide -lz in its pkg-config library requirements.
Signed-off-by: Alan Coopersmith's avatarAlan Coopersmith <>
Reviewed-by: Dan Nicholson's avatarDan Nicholson <>
parent 84ce8147
......@@ -40,8 +40,6 @@ AC_CANONICAL_HOST
AC_CHECK_HEADERS([pty.h stropts.h sys/param.h sys/select.h])
AC_CHECK_FUNCS([select grantpt])
AC_CHECK_LIB(z, gzopen,, AC_MSG_ERROR([zlib not found]))
[The locale alias file (default: ${datadir}/X11/locale/locale.alias)]),
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