Generate keysyms from XF86keysym.h

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This is the other half of !169 (merged), automatically mapping the new codes to the new keysyms. The new keysyms are added in xorg/proto/xorgproto!23 (merged), one requirement of that patch is that the value has to map to the kernel value (i.e. kernel #define 0x123 is mapped to 0x18001123). We can thus extract the value and key name and then map <I123> = { [ XF86Whatever] }.

With that, the xkeyboard-config parts are semi-automated, we have a gitlab CI job that alerts us when a change is needed and we just need to git commit that change.

cc @jwrdegoede, @bluetech, @svu, @alanc

Arguably !169 (merged) and this should be only: scheduled, no point running these on every commit. We can add that once we're close to merging.

Since we git clone xorgproto the changes aren't in yet, the job will fail but that shows the output of the job if changes are waiting for us. Just invert the diff in your head.

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