Commit 71c76e67 authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge 🍵

udpsrc: Use IP_MULTICAST_ALL for filtering IPv4 packets if available

This goes around the inefficient control message based filtering and
does all the filtering kernel-side. Unfortunately this is Linux-only and
there is no IPv6 variant of it (yet).
parent 47a673e2
......@@ -856,10 +856,16 @@ gst_udpsrc_create (GstPushSrc * psrc, GstBuffer ** buf)
if (!gst_udpsrc_ensure_mem (udpsrc))
goto memory_alloc_error;
/* optimization: use messages only in multicast mode */
/* optimization: use messages only in multicast mode and
* if we can't let the kernel do the filtering for us */
p_msgs =
(g_inet_address_get_is_multicast (g_inet_socket_address_get_address
(udpsrc->addr))) ? &msgs : NULL;
if (g_inet_address_get_family (g_inet_socket_address_get_address
(udpsrc->addr)) == G_SOCKET_FAMILY_IPV4)
p_msgs = NULL;
/* Retrieve sender address unless we've been configured not to do so */
p_saddr = (udpsrc->retrieve_sender_address) ? &saddr : NULL;
......@@ -1458,7 +1464,14 @@ gst_udpsrc_open (GstUDPSrc * src)
if (g_inet_address_get_family (g_inet_socket_address_get_address
(src->addr)) == G_SOCKET_FAMILY_IPV4) {
#if defined(IP_PKTINFO)
#if defined(IP_MULTICAST_ALL)
if (!g_socket_set_option (src->used_socket, IPPROTO_IP, IP_MULTICAST_ALL,
0, &err)) {
GST_WARNING_OBJECT (src, "Failed to disable IP_MULTICAST_ALL: %s",
g_clear_error (&err);
#elif defined(IP_PKTINFO)
if (!g_socket_set_option (src->used_socket, IPPROTO_IP, IP_PKTINFO, TRUE,
&err)) {
GST_WARNING_OBJECT (src, "Failed to enable IP_PKTINFO: %s",
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