Commit 0725e54d authored by Nicolas Dufresne's avatar Nicolas Dufresne Committed by Olivier Crête

test: h265depay: Add todo for testing aggregate packets with marker

We are missing a sample to test this, but a fix has been made, so add a
parent cf3da6a4
......@@ -626,6 +626,8 @@ rtph265_suite (void)
tcase_add_test (tc_chain, test_rtph265depay_with_downstream_allocator);
tcase_add_test (tc_chain, test_rtph265depay_eos);
tcase_add_test (tc_chain, test_rtph265depay_marker_to_flag);
/* TODO We need a sample to test with */
/* tcase_add_test (tc_chain, test_rtph265depay_aggregate_marker); */
tc_chain = tcase_create ("rtph265pay");
suite_add_tcase (s, tc_chain);
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