Commit 7c0a9cb5 authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt

splitmuxsrc: Fix reverse playback

Fix the check for whether the start time of the segment has
been reached when playing in reverse. Otherwise, playback
stops after reaching the start of any file part, instead of
continuing until all parts within the segment have played
parent c82ced18
......@@ -964,9 +964,11 @@ gst_splitmux_end_of_part (GstSplitMuxSrc * splitmux, SplitMuxSrcPad * splitpad)
if (splitmux->play_segment.start != -1) {
GstClockTime part_start =
gst_splitmux_part_reader_get_start_offset (splitmux->parts[cur_part]);
if (part_start >= splitmux->play_segment.start) {
if (part_start <= splitmux->play_segment.start) {
"Start position was within that part. Finishing");
"Start position %" GST_TIME_FORMAT
" was within that part. Finishing",
GST_TIME_ARGS (splitmux->play_segment.start));
next_part = -1;
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