Commit a6714fa0 authored by Derek Foreman's avatar Derek Foreman Committed by Bryce Harrington

input: Split get_udev_seat() into its own function

We're going to need this on device removal in the future, so pull it out
into a separate function now.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDerek Foreman <>
Reviewed-by: Jonas Ådahl's avatarJonas Ådahl <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarBryce Harrington <>
parent 61b4d3ea
......@@ -49,24 +49,31 @@ udev_seat_create(struct udev_input *input, const char *seat_name);
static void
udev_seat_destroy(struct udev_seat *seat);
static struct udev_seat *
get_udev_seat(struct udev_input *input, struct libinput_device *device)
struct libinput_seat *libinput_seat;
const char *seat_name;
libinput_seat = libinput_device_get_seat(device);
seat_name = libinput_seat_get_logical_name(libinput_seat);
return udev_seat_get_named(input, seat_name);
static void
device_added(struct udev_input *input, struct libinput_device *libinput_device)
struct weston_compositor *c;
struct evdev_device *device;
struct weston_output *output;
const char *seat_name;
const char *output_name;
struct libinput_seat *libinput_seat;
struct weston_seat *seat;
struct udev_seat *udev_seat;
struct weston_pointer *pointer;
c = input->compositor;
libinput_seat = libinput_device_get_seat(libinput_device);
seat_name = libinput_seat_get_logical_name(libinput_seat);
udev_seat = udev_seat_get_named(input, seat_name);
udev_seat = get_udev_seat(input, libinput_device);
if (!udev_seat)
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