Commit 7a8a3a35 authored by Marius Vlad's avatar Marius Vlad

Fix compiler warnings: clobber variables

This patchs fixes warnings generated by older toolchains:

shared/image-loader.c: In function 'load_png':
shared/image-loader.c:211:12: warning: variable 'data' might be clobbered by 'longjmp' or 'vfork' [-Wclobbered]
  png_byte *data = NULL;

See why is this needed.
Signed-off-by: Marius Vlad's avatarMarius Vlad <>
parent 7d070ca0
......@@ -208,8 +208,8 @@ load_png(FILE *fp)
png_struct *png;
png_info *info;
png_byte *data = NULL;
png_byte **row_pointers = NULL;
png_byte *volatile data = NULL;
png_byte **volatile row_pointers = NULL;
png_uint_32 width, height;
int depth, color_type, interlace, stride;
unsigned int i;
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