Commit 2327d1f4 authored by Scott Moreau's avatar Scott Moreau Committed by Kristian H. Kristensen

wcap: Fix typo in usage output.

parent f32f096c
......@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ usage(int exit_code)
"[--help] [--yuv4mpeg2] [--frame=<frame>] [--all] \n"
"\t[--rate=<num:denom>] <wcap file>\n\n"
"\t--help\t\t\tthis help text\n"
"\t--yuv2mpeg4\t\tdump wcap file to stdout in yuv4mpeg format\n"
"\t--yuv4mpeg2\t\tdump wcap file to stdout in yuv4mpeg2 format\n"
"\t--frame=<frame>\t\twrite out the given frame number as png\n"
"\t--all\t\t\twrite all frames as pngs\n"
"\t--rate=<num:denom>\treplay frame rate for yuv4mpeg2,\n"
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