Commit 0c0e51e0 authored by eucan's avatar eucan Committed by Bryce Harrington

ivi-shell: rename ivi_controller_interface

The name of ivi_controller_interface is changed to ivi_layout_interface
with this patch.

This name is better suited to the interface, because it is implemented
in ivi-layout.c and its methods are linked to ivi_layout* functions.

Furthermore, the controller modules (e.g. hmi-controller) are the users
of this interface and they have their own interfaces,
which are called *_controller_interface,
e.g.: ivi_hmi_controller_interface.

This causes confusion about the software architecture.
Signed-off-by: eucan's avatarEmre Ucan <>
Tested-by: default avatarNobuhiko Tanibata <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarNobuhiko Tanibata <>
parent 32c3211e
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......@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@ typedef void (*ivi_controller_surface_content_callback)(
int32_t content,
void *userdata);
struct ivi_controller_interface {
struct ivi_layout_interface {
* \brief Commit all changes and execute all enqueued commands since
......@@ -2682,7 +2682,7 @@ ivi_layout_surface_add_configured_listener(struct ivi_layout_surface* ivisurf,
wl_signal_add(&ivisurf->configured, listener);
static struct ivi_controller_interface ivi_controller_interface = {
static struct ivi_layout_interface ivi_layout_interface = {
* commit all changes
......@@ -2798,7 +2798,7 @@ load_controller_modules(struct weston_compositor *compositor, const char *module
char buffer[256];
int (*controller_module_init)(struct weston_compositor *compositor,
int *argc, char *argv[],
const struct ivi_controller_interface *interface,
const struct ivi_layout_interface *interface,
size_t interface_version);
if (modules == NULL)
......@@ -2814,8 +2814,8 @@ load_controller_modules(struct weston_compositor *compositor, const char *module
return -1;
if (controller_module_init(compositor, argc, argv,
sizeof(struct ivi_controller_interface)) != 0) {
sizeof(struct ivi_layout_interface)) != 0) {
weston_log("ivi-shell: Initialization of controller module fails");
return -1;
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This diff is collapsed.
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