Revert "po: Remove translated expanded-acronym"

This change is not needed after the real fix:
"its: Fix translation matching rules"

So revert it to avoid having conflicting versions of the same
translation in Transifex and checked out.

This reverts commit a4aaf578.
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./ element expanded-acronym: validity error : No declaration for attribute lang of element expanded-acronym
<expanded-acronym xml:lang="be-Latn">Metafajł Computer Graphics</expanded-a
./ element mime-type: validity error : Element mime-type content does not follow the DTD, expecting (comment+ , (acronym , expanded-acronym)? , (icon | generic-icon | glob | magic | treemagic | root-XML | alias | sub-class-of)*), got (comment comment comment comment comment comment acronym expanded-acronym expanded-acronym glob )
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