Commit beca76ed authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera


parent 8d929c67
shared-mime-info 0.80 (2010-09-30)
* Mime-type Changes:
- Add magic for F4V (Flash) video files
- Add mime-type for Dia shapes
- Bump priority for KOffice magics to give them precedence over gzip and zip
- Add mime-type for Verilog and SystemVerilog source files and headers
- Add Qt Linguist translation file
- Add application/x-xspf+xml alias for XSPF playlists
- Use audio/flac for FLAC files, make audio/x-flac an alias of it
- Add mime-type for HDF files
- Add mime-type for Mozilla Extension packages
- Add mime-type for text/cache-manifest
- Add YAML mime-type
- Add application/relax-ng-compact-syntax mime-type
- Add more tests for Matlab and Octave files
- Improve translator comments for VCD, SVCD and PictureCD
- Add application/pkcs8 mime-type
- Add audio and video WebM mime-types
- Add video/mp2t mime-type
- Use generic video icon for application/x-matroska
- Improve magic for Matroska files
- Add magic for audio/x-stm
- Update magic for Apple HTTP Streaming playlists
- Add Lrzip archive mime-type
- Fix PDF detection for some pesky files
- Add details about 3GPP and 3GPP2 files
- Add JavaFX video format
- Add Windows Imaging Format Disk Image mime-type
- Add application/x-apple-diskimage mime-type
- Add e-book reader content-type
- Add application/x-tex as an alias for text/x-tex
- Use application/oxps mime-type for XPS files
- Add magic to BibTeX files
* Other:
- Fix malformed D source test
- Avoid using ~/.local data when running the test suite
- Make sure that update-mime-info doesn't get called before installed
shared-mime-info 0.71 (2010-02-01)
* Mime-type Changes:
- Add magic for FLAC files
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.9 foreign no-dist-gzip dist-bzip2 check-news])
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