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    2006-04-05 Christian Neumair <chris@gnome-de.org> · fa74079b
    Christian Neumair authored
    	* freedesktop.org.xml.in: Make "application/postscript",
    	a subclass of "text/plain". Thanks to Sebastian Heutling,
    	Tristan Wibberley and Sebastien Bacher.
    	Add missing sub-classing information to a few dozen other
    	MIME types, including "application/rtf", "application/pdf",
    	ODF and OOo MIME types.
    	* Makefile.am:
    	* test-subclassing.c:
    	Add simple XML parser that checks for presence of "sub-class-of"
    	nodes in freedesktop.org.xml and outputs MIME types that don't
    	provide the flag.
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