shared-mime-info 2.0 (2020-06-05)

  • Port build system to meson, and ship test suite with tarball
  • Install ITS file to allow gettext to translate mime-type descriptions
  • Add BPS and IPS patch formats
  • Lower weight for "use strict" and similar in the perl mimetype
  • Add new magic for Sega Mega Drive ROMs
  • Add Common Lisp mime-type
  • Rename text/x-tcl to text/tcl
  • Add text/vbscript
  • Add PySpread spreadsheet mime-types
  • Add Kotlin source mime-type
  • Add AVIF image mime-type
  • Split versions of the Audible audio mime types
  • Add *.spx glob for audio/x-speex+ogg
  • Add Apple System Profiler XML mime-type