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      migrate from custom itstool to builtin msgfmt for creating translated XML · 5a406b06
      Eli Schwartz authored
      gettext upstream has supported this for a very long time (since 0.19.7
      via commit b3c2a5a242c36fbbaa0c5b17f975d6c638598a23, released in 2015),
      and itstool is (mostly) a legacy of the time before gettext had proper
      support for these sorts of use cases.
      This is similar to the state of intltool, which is described at
      During the port from autotools to meson, the legacy use of itstool was
      faithfully translated to meson in the only way possible: by jumping
      through hoops to run ninja inside ninja in order to generate the .mo
      files for itstool, because meson's i18n module used a flawed design and
      there was no "real" target to create those files, only a .PHONY
      run_target which other rules cannot depend on.
      Although meson 0.60.0 added support for real targets for the built .mo
      files, this changed the rules for output filenames, breaking the script.
      But msgfmt does not care, and anyways comes with builtin meson functions
      for convenient use with XML files. So let's take this opportunity to
      drop legacy dependencies and use the modern, builtin tooling, which
      fixes this bug as a side effect.
      Fixes #170
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