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Add x-content/ostree-repository content type for OSTree USB repositories

These are a way of transferring OSTrees (OS images or flatpak apps,
typically) on USB sticks.

Documentation available here:
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......@@ -7087,6 +7087,16 @@ command to generate the output files.
<_comment>portable audio player</_comment>
<mime-type type="x-content/ostree-repository">
<!-- -->
<_comment>OSTree software updates</_comment>
<treematch path=".ostree" type="directory" non-empty="true" match-case="true" />
<treematch path="ostree/repo" type="directory" non-empty="true" match-case="true" />
<treematch path="var/lib/flatpak/repo" type="directory" non-empty="true" match-case="true" />
<mime-type type="x-content/software">
<!-- -->
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@ video-bluray x-content/video-bluray
video-hddvd x-content/video-hddvd
image-picturecd x-content/image-picturecd
software x-content/unix-software
ostree-repository x-content/ostree-repository
# Supposed to fail
x tree-failure x-content/image-dcf
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