Commit e987562f authored by Ville Skyttä's avatar Ville Skyttä
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parent 99ed700e
...@@ -4154,6 +4154,13 @@ command to generate the output files. ...@@ -4154,6 +4154,13 @@ command to generate the output files.
<glob pattern="*.ass" weight="10"/> <glob pattern="*.ass" weight="10"/>
<alias type="audio/x-aac"/> <alias type="audio/x-aac"/>
</mime-type> </mime-type>
<mime-type type="audio/usac">
<_comment>USAC audio</_comment>
<expanded-acronym>Unified Speech and Audio Coding</expanded-acronym>
<glob pattern="*.loas"/>
<glob pattern="*.xhe"/>
<mime-type type="audio/mp4"> <mime-type type="audio/mp4">
<_comment>MPEG-4 audio</_comment> <_comment>MPEG-4 audio</_comment>
<alias type="audio/x-m4a"/> <alias type="audio/x-m4a"/>
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