Commit dc1ee0ef authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera
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Use "source code" for files containing programming sources

Including the new Groovy mime-type, and the older COBOL one.
parent 2c1cf55f
......@@ -2405,7 +2405,7 @@ command to generate the output files.
<glob pattern="*.class"/>
<mime-type type="text/x-groovy">
<_comment>Groovy source</_comment>
<_comment>Groovy source code</_comment>
<sub-class-of type="text/x-csrc"/>
<generic-icon name="text-x-script"/>
<glob pattern="*.groovy"/>
......@@ -2968,7 +2968,7 @@ command to generate the output files.
<glob pattern="*.ocl"/>
<mime-type type="text/x-cobol">
<_comment>COBOL source file</_comment>
<_comment>COBOL source code</_comment>
<expanded-acronym>COmmon Business Oriented Language</expanded-acronym>
<sub-class-of type="text/plain"/>
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