Commit c97f1c1e authored by StefanBruens's avatar StefanBruens

Split Audible audio mime types

The old "Format 2/3/4" audible files are proprietary formats, while the
newer "Enhanced" type is actually an ISO Base Media File Format compliant
file (aka ISOBMFF/M4B/Quicktime). The audio stream is encrypted, but
meta data (author, title, cover image) are unencrypted and can be used
by standard tools.

Fixes #134.
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......@@ -4142,12 +4142,16 @@ command to generate the output files.
<magic priority="50">
<!-- -->
<match type="big32" value="1469084982" offset="4"/>
<match type="string" value="aax " offset="8"/>
<glob pattern="*.aa"/>
<glob pattern="*.aax"/>
<alias type="audio/"/>
<alias type="audio/"/>
<mime-type type="audio/">
<comment>Audible Enhanced audio</comment>
<magic priority="50">
<match type="string" value="ftypaax " offset="4"/>
<glob pattern="*.aax"/>
<mime-type type="audio/x-it">
<comment>Impulse Tracker audio</comment>
......@@ -510,7 +510,7 @@ simon.669 audio/x-mod
4jsno.669 audio/x-mod
# Copied from
test.aa audio/x-pn-audibleaudio
test.aax audio/x-pn-audibleaudio
test.aax audio/
# MPEG-4 files
mp4v1-video-header.mp4 video/mp4
mp4v2-video-header.mp4 video/mp4
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