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......@@ -3908,6 +3908,14 @@ command to generate the output files.
<glob pattern="*.tar.xz"/>
<glob pattern="*.txz"/>
<mime-type type="application/zstd">
<_comment>Zstandard archive</_comment>
<generic-icon name="package-x-generic"/>
<magic priority="60">
<match type="little32" value="0xFD2FB528" offset="0"/>
<glob pattern="*.zst"/>
<mime-type type="application/x-xzpdf">
<_comment>PDF document (XZ-compressed)</_comment>
<sub-class-of type="application/x-xz"/>
......@@ -414,6 +414,8 @@ archive.lrz application/x-lrzip
test.lz4 application/x-lz4
# Created using Ark 16.07.70 + libarchive 3.2.0
test.tar.lz4 application/x-lz4-compressed-tar ox
# Created by zstd v1.3.5
test.zst application/zstd
# Copied from
fuji.themepack application/x-windows-themepack ox
# Extracted from
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