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# Shared MIME Info
This package contains:
The shared-mime-info package contains:
- The core database of common MIME types, their file extensions and icon names.
- The update-mime-database command, used to extend the DB and install a new MIME data.
- The shared MIME database spec.
- The merged GNOME and KDE databases, in the new format.
- The update-mime-database command, used to install new MIME data.
It is used by GLib, GNOME, KDE, XFCE and many others.
For more information about the database see the [Shared MIME Info Specification here](
......@@ -25,6 +27,11 @@ If you want to install to your home directory, you should instead do:
You'll need to make sure that $HOME/.local/bin is in your PATH, of course.
It requires glib to be installed for building the update command.
Additionally, it uses intltool for translations, though this is only a dependency for the maintainers.
This database is translated at Transifex.
Please report bugs here:
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