Commit 88ee228d authored by Anisse Astier's avatar Anisse Astier

Add support for QCOW images

Note that the disk.qcow2 is a QCOW version 3 file, which is very similar
to version 2. I haven't found the .qcow3 extension used in the wild
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...@@ -7292,4 +7292,17 @@ command to generate the output files. ...@@ -7292,4 +7292,17 @@ command to generate the output files.
</magic> </magic>
</mime-type> </mime-type>
<mime-type type="application/x-qemu-disk">
<comment>QEMU QCOW disk image</comment>
<expanded-acronym>QEMU Copy On Write</expanded-acronym>
<glob pattern="*.qcow2"/>
<glob pattern="*.qcow"/>
<match type="string" value="QFI" offset="0">
<match value="0xfb" type="byte" offset="3"/>
</mime-info> </mime-info>
...@@ -711,3 +711,6 @@ dbus-comment.service text/x-dbus-service ...@@ -711,3 +711,6 @@ dbus-comment.service text/x-dbus-service
binary.stl model/stl oxo binary.stl model/stl oxo
ascii.stl model/stl ascii.stl model/stl
test.gcode text/x.gcode ox test.gcode text/x.gcode ox
# QEMU disk image
disk.qcow2 application/x-qemu-disk
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