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shared-mime-info 1.9 (2017-18-09)
* Add x-systemd-unit and x-dbus-service MIME types
* Fix magic for application/x-java-keystore on little endian
* Add mime-type for STL 3D models and GCODE
* Add application/x-executable as a supertype of application/ecmascript
* Add shebang magic for gjs JavaScript files
* Add a mimetype for Khronos texture files
* Add a mime-type for Famicom Disk System images
* Add "font" top level type, and use IANA registered type for TTF,
* Add OpenCL mime-type
* Add text/x-python3 content type
* Add mime type
* Add application/x-atari-lynx-rom
* Add application/x-wonderswan-rom
* Add application/x-virtual-boy-rom
* Better JPEG 2000 MIME type support
* Add support for GIMP data files (.gbr, .gih, .pat)
* Add an alias for Adobe Illustrator formats
* Add *.mjs glob for Javascript
* Rename application/x-trig to application/trig
* Rename Panasonic RAW image mime-types to image/x-panasonic-rw*
* Change the preferred suffix for image/x-tga from icb to tga
* Correct "PostScript" capitalisation
* Add mimetype for AppImage Type 2
* Remove AppImage glob with different casing
shared-mime-info 1.8 (2016-12-05)
* Add Flatpak-related mime-types
* Add mime-type for a number of Thomson-related disk (and cassette) images
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.9 foreign no-dist-gzip dist-xz check-news])
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