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Updates for new Base Dir spec.

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......@@ -361,14 +361,15 @@ This specification uses the XDG Base Directory Specification<citation>BaseDir</c
define the prefixes below which the database is stored.
In the rest of this document, paths shown with the prefix
<filename>&lt;MIME&gt;</filename> indicate the files should be loaded from
the <filename>mime</filename> subdirectory of every directory in <envar>XDG_DIRS</envar>.
the <filename>mime</filename> subdirectory of every directory in
For example, when using the default paths, <quote>Load all the
<filename>&lt;MIME&gt;/text/html.xml</filename> files</quote> means to
load <filename>/usr/share/mime/text/html.xml</filename>,
<filename>/usr/local/share/mime/text/html.xml</filename>, and
<filename>~/.share/mime/text/html.xml</filename> (if they exist).
<filename>~/.local/share/mime/text/html.xml</filename> (if they exist).
Each application that wishes to contribute to the MIME database will install a
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