Commit 6b0ec59a authored by Thomas Leonard's avatar Thomas Leonard

Added NEWS file.

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shared-mime-info Version 0.9 29-Jul-2002
Thomas Leonard <>
Changes since version 0.8:
* Removed bashism in uninstall rule (reported by Filip Van Raemdonck).
* Added manpage (Filip Van Raemdonck).
* Require libxml 2.4.0 (not sure if it's needed, but play it safe).
* Workaround libxml problem where copying nodes lost the namespace
(reported by Stephen Watson and Jesse Wagner)
* Added skeleton description for 'action' element.
* Re-worded spec section on user preferences (Filip Van Raemdonck).
* Added extra authors to spec.
* Changed SHOULD to MUST for requiring shared package (suggested by
Filip Van Raemdonck).
* Added some error checking to make sure output is writeable.
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