Commit 36a88b01 authored by Ville Skyttä's avatar Ville Skyttä
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application/vnd.sqlite3: Use new IANA type, add *.sqlite3 glob

parent 8cb5786e
......@@ -438,11 +438,13 @@ command to generate the output files.
<match type="string" value="** This file contains an SQLite" offset="0"/>
<mime-type type="application/x-sqlite3">
<mime-type type="application/vnd.sqlite3">
<_comment>SQLite3 database</_comment>
<glob pattern="*.sqlite3"/>
<match type="string" value="SQLite format 3" offset="0"/>
<alias type="application/x-sqlite3"/>
<mime-type type="application/x-gedcom">
<_comment>GEDCOM family history</_comment>
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