Commit 08accf0e authored by Adrien Plazas's avatar Adrien Plazas Committed by Bastien Nocera
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Add application/x-atari-lynx-rom
parent 107ca505
......@@ -94,6 +94,14 @@ command to generate the output files.
<match type="string" value="ATARI7800" offset="1"/>
<mime-type type="application/x-atari-lynx-rom">
<_comment>Atari Lynx</_comment>
<generic-icon name="application-x-executable"/>
<glob pattern="*.lnx"/>
<match type="string" value="LYNX" offset="0"/>
<mime-type type="application/andrew-inset">
<_comment>ATK inset</_comment>
......@@ -516,6 +516,8 @@ neo-geo-pocket-test.ngp application/x-neo-geo-pocket-rom
atari-2600-test.A26 application/x-atari-2600-rom ox
# Metroid truncated to 1Ko
Metroid_japan.fds application/x-fds-disk
# Chip's Challenge for Atari Lynx truncated to 1Ko
atari-lynx-chips-challenge.lnx application/x-atari-lynx-rom
# Video game packages
# DOOM1.WAD trucated to 1Ko
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