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    2007-08-28 Bastien Nocera <hadess@hadess.net> · 6481767a
    Bastien Nocera authored
    	* configure.ac: Check for xmllint
    	* Makefile.am: run test-mime-data from xdgmime if we're running in CVS
    	and have xdgmime checked out and built in the parent
    	* tests/*: add loads of test data and a test list from Matthias Clasen
    	<mclasen@redhat.com> (Closes: #5210)
    	* freedesktop.org.xml.in:
    	- Remove "Microsoft Word 6.0 Document" matchlet at offset 2080, it's a
    	localised string (ie. says "Dokument" in German, etc.)
    	- Add better matchlets from file(1) for word documents
    	- Add magic for StarWriter (tentative) and for glade files
    	- Up the priority of the EPS matchlet so that EPS files are not
    	recognised as postscript files
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