Unverified Commit b3a45182 authored by Thomas Kluyver's avatar Thomas Kluyver Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #13 from fhaftmann/master

Bugfix AttributeError: type is not stored in attribute but calculated by method.
parents 8afcc398 44b7a8a1
......@@ -1006,8 +1006,8 @@ class XMLMenuBuilder(object):
menuentry = MenuEntry(directory, dir)
if not menu.Directory:
menu.Directory = menuentry
elif menuentry.Type == MenuEntry.TYPE_SYSTEM:
if menu.Directory.Type == MenuEntry.TYPE_USER:
elif menuentry.getType() == MenuEntry.TYPE_SYSTEM:
if menu.Directory.getType() == MenuEntry.TYPE_USER:
menu.Directory.Original = menuentry
if menu.Directory:
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