Commit 7298139b authored by Xavier Claessens's avatar Xavier Claessens Committed by Xavier Claessens
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Fix zlib detection when there is no pkg-config file

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...@@ -70,8 +70,14 @@ endif ...@@ -70,8 +70,14 @@ endif
core_conf.set('HAVE_ISO_CODES', have_iso_codes) core_conf.set('HAVE_ISO_CODES', have_iso_codes)
# could drop optional zlib dep and use g_zlib_decompressor_new() # could drop optional zlib dep and use g_zlib_decompressor_new()
zlib_dep = dependency('zlib', required: false, fallback: ['zlib', 'zlib_dep']) zlib_dep = dependency('zlib', required : false)
core_conf.set('HAVE_ZLIB', zlib_dep.found()) if not zlib_dep.found()
zlib_dep = cc.find_library('z', required : false)
if not zlib_dep.found()
zlib_dep = subproject('zlib').get_variable('zlib_dep')
core_conf.set('HAVE_ZLIB', true)
tag_deps = [gst_base_dep, libm, zlib_dep] tag_deps = [gst_base_dep, libm, zlib_dep]
gsttag = library('gsttag-@0@'.format(api_version), gsttag = library('gsttag-@0@'.format(api_version),
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