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Install meson from git when MESON_COMMIT variable is set

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......@@ -466,11 +466,14 @@ check allow-edit:
- cd gst-build/
# only copy immediate directories. We don't want to modify .wrap files
- find /gst-build/subprojects/ -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type d -exec cp -r \{\} subprojects/ \;
# MESON_COMMIT variable can be set when creating a pipeline to test meson pre releases
- >
if [ -n "$MESON_COMMIT" ]; then
pip3 install --upgrade git+$MESON_COMMIT
# Reset the state of the subprojects to what gst-build expects
- meson subprojects update --reset
- ./git-update --no-interaction --manifest="${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/manifest.xml"
- meson build/ $MESON_ARGS
- ninja -C build/
- ccache --show-stats
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