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wlroots 0.8.0

wlroots 0.8.0 includes the following breaking changes:

	presentation_feedback: add the sampled state

The wlr_presentation_time structures have been rewritten. To correctly
support presentation-time, use wlr_presentation_surface_sampled after
you sample (read from) each surface.


Drew DeVault (4):
      wlr_idle_inhibit_v1: style fixes
      drm backend: detect non-desktop outputs
      drm backend: implement DRM lease issuance
      Introduce wlr_drm_lease_v1

Filip Sandborg (1):
      render/gles2: fix calculation for partial gles2 pixel read (#1809)

Ilia Bozhinov (1):
      layer-shell: ignore ack_configure() on closed surfaces

Ivan Molodetskikh (1):
      presentation_feedback: add the sampled state

Rouven Czerwinski (1):
      backend/drm: check for mst: in path property

Scott Anderson (1):
      render/egl: Change KHR_debug log to include error code

Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (1):
      wlr_seat_touch: Destroy the touchpoint on client destroy

Simon Ser (1):
      compositor: disconnect client on OOM in create_surface

Versus Void (1):
      xdg-output: send wl_output.done after xdg_output created