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wlroots 0.17.2

Félix Poisot (1):
      render/vulkan: correct sRBG gamma expansion in shader

Kirill Primak (6):
      tinywl: depend on the server xdg-shell header
      layer-shell: forbid set_size with values ≥INT32_MAX
      xwayland/xwm: associate even on xcb_get_property() failure
      backend/drm: use for fd cloning
      cursor: fix and simplify region mapping
      pointer-constraints: handle inert pointer resources correctly

MaxVerevkin (1):
      fix outdated comment in wlr_output.h

Sarunas Valaskevicius (1):
      Fix disappearing menus in QT apps

Sergei Trofimovich (1):
      backend: fix build against upcoming `gcc-14` (`-Werror=calloc-transposed-args`)

Simon Ser (5):
      backend/drm: save current refresh rate
      backend/drm: fix fb_damage_clips_arr memory leak
      backend/drm: fix queued cursor FB overwritten with NULL
      cursor-shape-v1: handle inert tablet tool client
      build: bump version to 0.17.2