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wlroots 0.17.1

Kirill Primak (2):
      backend/x11: don't send ConfigureRequest with the same size
      backend/x11: check buffer format in output_test()

Simon Ser (12):
      tinywl: fix wlroots dependency constraint in Makefile
      viewporter: rename state var in viewport_handle_surface_commit()
      viewporter: listen to client_commit
      viewporter: fix src buffer bounds check
      render/egl: fallback to GBM FD if EGLDevice is not available
      render: disable linux-dmabuf without DRM FD
      cursor: send surface scale events
      cursor: fix initial cursor position for new outputs
      xcursor: fix duplicate cursor check check in load_callback()
      input-method-v2: drop unnecessary variable and cast
      output-layout: fix missing global for outputs with a custom mode
      build: bump vesion to 0.17.1

Simon Zeni (1):
      types/output: emit destroy event before destroying global

pastel raschke (2):
      input-method-v2: free current strings on commit
      input-method-v2: validate commit serial