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wlroots 0.16.2

Consolatis (2):
      xcursors: Alias existing cursor defaults to cursor-spec cursor names
      xdg-activation: accept pointer focus for new tokens

Kirill Primak (2):
      xwayland/xwm: unpair even if surface is NULL
      backend/x11: fix delta_discrete value

Simon Ser (11):
      backend/x11: fix initial value of wlr_x11_buffer.n_busy
      backend/drm: disable all CRTCs after VT switch
      render/vulkan: fix vkCmdClearAttachments validation error
      backend/drm: set "max bpc" property based on pixel format
      xdg-shell: reset added/committed flag on unmap
      backend/wayland: don't cache next item when destroying buffers
      output: don't attach buffer on first commit if disabled
      backend/wayland: allow superseding a previous commit
      backend/wayland: update output mode after commit is done
      render/gles2: default to highp if available
      build: bump version to 0.16.2

llyyr (1):
      render/vulkan: use correct source offset in read_pixels