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wlroots 0.12.0

Antonin Décimo (3):
      Fix typos
      Fix incorrect format parameters
      xwayland: free server in error path

Daniel De Graaf (1):
      wlr_virtual_keyboard: fix fd leak

Daniel Kondor (2):
      foreign-toplevel-management: report parent toplevel
      foreign toplevel: send parent event only to clients that support it

Devin J. Pohly (1):
      drm: fix uninitialized read

Drew DeVault (1):
      Remove xdg-shell v6

Guido Cella (1):
      render: Don't crash on 0 dimensions

Ilia Bozhinov (9):
      xwayland: do not allow apps to change focus after wlroots request
      make sure to fail setting gamma on disabled outputs
      backend/wayland: destroy relative pointer when output is disconnected
      wayland: emit relative pointer events only for current pointer
      xwayland: disconnect display destroy listener even if xwayland didn't initialize
      xwayland: add set_geometry event
      backend/wayland: add touch support to the wayland backend
      xdg_shell: fix a typo
      xdg_shell: handle inert popups

Isaac Freund (6):
      xdg-shell: split last-acked and current state
      layer-shell: add for_each_popup
      layer-shell: error on 0 dimension without anchors
      xdg_positioner: remove unused field
      wlr_drag: remove unused point_destroy field
      xwayland: remove unused listener

Kenny Levinsen (2):
      session: Add libseat backend
      session: Add missing init to direct-freebsd

Marten Ringwelski (1):
      backend/drm: Check if output is enabled before sending frame event

Mykola Orliuk (5):
      backend/wayland: manage cursor for current pointer
      backend/wayland: factor out wlr_wl_seat
      backend/wayland: add error flow in create_wl_seat
      backend/wayland: fix input creation error handling
      backend/wayland: fix some keyboard/touch leaks

Patrick Steinhardt (1):
      session: Don't refuse unprivileged creation of "direct" backend

Roman Gilg (3):
      output-management-v1: add head identifying events
      output-management-v1: send head identifying information
      output-management-v1: send complete head state on enable change

Ronan Pigott (1):
      virtual_pointer: remember current axis for axis events

Rouven Czerwinski (2):
      examples: remove unnecessary gles2.h imports
      xwm: add loop detection for read_surface_parent

Ryan Walklin (4):
      Implement logind session SetType method to change session type to wayland
      Also set XDG_SESSION_TYPE
      Don't set XDG_SESSION_TYPE unless logind SetType succeeds
      Quieten failure to set login session type

Scott Moreau (2):
      xwm: Set _NET_WM_STATE_FOCUSED property for the focused surface
      foreign toplevel: Fix whitespace error

Simon Ser (31):
      xwayland/xwm: don't insert surface in list on error
      xwayland/xwm: add prop count assert in xsurface_set_net_wm_state
      xwayland/xwm: use initializer for props in xsurface_set_wm_state
      render/gles2: make wlr_gles2_texture_from_* private
      render/gles2: keep ref to wlr_gles2_renderer in wlr_gles2_texture
      render/gles2: make push/pop debug functions take a wlr_renderer
      render/gles2: remove gles2_procs
      gamma-control-v1: fix use-after-free in gamma_control_handle_set_gamma
      examples/simple: use wlr_output_preferred_mode
      examples/simple: use wlr_renderer instead of GL
      Remove unnecessary wl_display_dispatch calls
      output: introduce wlr_output_event_commit
      output-power-management-v1: listen to output commit
      examples/dmabuf-capture: add extra roundtrip for wl_output listener
      backend/session/libseat: register log handler
      backend: remove check for _WAYLAND_DISPLAY
      backend/libinput: improve logger callback
      render: define EGL_NO_PLATFORM_SPECIFIC_TYPES (#2452)
      backend/drm: fix "a page-flip is already pending" errors on modeset
      xwayland: minor code style fixes
      xwayland: log unhandled NET_WM_STATE property changes
      gamma-control-v1: apply gamma LUT when output gets enabled
      screencopy: stop setting needs_frame flag
      backend/drm: export pending FB in export_dmabuf, if any
      output: update docs to reflect reality
      output: add when field to wlr_output_event_commit
      export-dmabuf: export DMA-BUF on output commit
      screencopy: perform DMA-BUF copy on output commit
      screencopy: send failed when copying a DMA-BUF with a region
      input-method: send modifiers in set_keyboard
      Update version to 0.12.0

Tobias Langendorf (1):
      xwm: add support for xwayland minimize

Tudor Brindus (11):
      examples: use `perror` instead of `fprintf` GNU %m `printf` extension
      xwayland: using %m in `wlr_log` is broken, use `wlr_log_errno` instead
      xwayland: fix use-after-free in selection handling
      xwayland: introduce WLR_XWAYLAND for specifying which Xwayland to use
      xwayland: remove stale transfers from the same requestor
      xwayland: notify requestor when we fail to respond to their request
      xwayland: fix minor typo in debug log
      types/wlr_keyboard: use bitmasks for wlr_keyboard_led and wlr_keyboard_modifier enums
      types/wlr_output_layout: use bitmask for wlr_direction
      util/edges: use bitmask for wlr_edges
      render/dmabuf: use bitmask for wlr_dmabuf_attributes_flags

Valentin (2):
      Use fixed size integer type
      Fix undefined behavior

nerdopolis (1):
      Accommodate for CONFIG_VT=0, all TTYs are in seat0, but not all seat0s have TTYs